Last week we read a book in class called Ish by Peter Reynolds. The class really enjoyed the story. We had a really good discussion (or "book talk") about the book, and many students made some very meaningful comments about the author's message.
Here are some of our thoughts:

"I think the message is never give up. It doesn't atter what other people think. Believe in yourself." (KK)

"You just need your own thing to protect you from bullying. Gerald in Giraffes Can't Dance just needed his own music and Roman in Ish didn't need to do his drawings perfecgtly, he just needed to make them "ish." (ML)

"If someone says your writing is bad, it's not because your writing is yours and their writing is theirs. Your writing or drawing could change the world." (MA)

"Even though the brother said mean things about Ramon's drawings, Ramon should keep drawing because that's what he loves and does best." (WI)

"If you don't think your stuff is good because someone hurt your feelings, just remember back to all the things you should be proud of." (KW)

"Even though your drawing is "ish," it might make someone else happy." (AQ)

"Someone told me his drawings were better than mine and I told him yours might look better to some people, but I don't care. Our drawings are just different." (AN)

"It doesn't matter what anyone says about what you build. Just believe in yourself." (JS)

If you have any more comments to share about the book, please post them on the blog!


01/31/2012 5:04pm

Never look at somone eisis riting because you have you oyn riting and your oyn pichres and that is ish.

01/31/2012 5:12pm

Never ever say that somones riting is not good because that hrts somones filing and thay feel left aoot and that is boleing so be nice to everybity and than tail feel welcome so that is ish

01/31/2012 6:19pm

If you build something then it is always perfect!!!!!

02/19/2012 1:32pm

dont think what othrer peolple say abot uor writting or your jroing because thas your jroing and wrting.


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